Sunday, March 9, 2008

#5 of 25 Motif Challenge and Tatting Round Robin

These are my flowers for Stephanie for the Tatting Round Robin. I really had a hard time finding flowers where I could make the stems green as she has requested.

I tried many different patterns, but I haven't learned to use 3 shuttles of thread yet so when the flowers had chains I had to do the shoelace trick to keep the green out of the flower. It just didn't look right. So I adapted a pattern from Kersti (I can not get this site to come up right now so I can't show you the exact pattern), I ended up making 2 seperate pieces and tied them together in the back. They were kind of obsessive though and I have started a few more which I will use to dress up the front of plain note cards.

Happy Tatting,
PS I waited a couple of hours before I posted this to see if I could get the pattern site to come up but I am still unable to access it. Once I get it I will update this specific post.

Introducing My GUF & Other Important Family Members

Last week I received a very nice note from my GUF (Great Uncle Francis) and his wife GA Myrtle (GAM). In my Jan 13th post I spoke about GUF and how he is the person primarily responsible for my tatting obsession. He is 94 years old and still actively tats! I have been sending them pieces of my work as well as pictures of some of the others. I was happy to get this picture so I could introduce them to you .
Standing from left to right is my Mother, GAM, and my Father. Seated is GUF. GAM is my Maternal Grandmother's sister.

This second picture is of my GU Leonard (GUL) with his sister, GAM. GUL is my maternal Grandmother's brother. My parents and GUL live in ND and GUF and GAM live in OK. These pictures were taken when my parents took GUL to visit his sister and brother-in-law for his 84th birthday last October.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

#4 for 25 Motif Challenge and Tatting Round Robin

Happy March Everyone,

I'm just now getting over the sickness I had. According to the dr it was a form of the flu although it seemed like a cold. For the last 3 weeks I've been exhausted by the time I got home from my daily commitments so I haven't done much tatting.

Before I got sick I had started Jane's Flowery SCMR Bookmark in order to learn the SR and the SCMR. I made it in size 20 Flora thread. It was for the my first part of our Tatting Round Robin, which had to be in the mail by Feb 25th. (I sent to Connie.) I was hoping to get the 8 sections done like in Jane's pattern, but I could tell I was running out of time, so I stopped at 6 sections and added the green leaf part. I will definately make this one again.

Because I was unsure of the SR, I didn't participate in Jane's Tat it and See, but when I had it down I started her Hippopotamus. Because I have the whole pattern I haven't been doing it in day sections as most of you did, but I am currently on the Day 8 part, the neck sections. Hopefully I will have that done for next week's blog post.

I should explain the Tatting Round Robin. We each made our first piece and sent it along with what type of motif we were looking to get back from the others in our group. In the end we will receive our original piece back and an item from each of the other individuals in our group. Friday I received Stephanie's Tatting Round Robin. She made these beautiful purple flowers with green leaves and long green stems. I wish I could figure out how she made it, it's so pretty I'd like to give it a try.

She asked for flowers to put on a hat or bandana. So I am searching threw a friend's old Workbasket magazines looking for flowers. Can anyone help me find a beginner's flower pattern?

Happy Tatting,