Sunday, March 9, 2008

#5 of 25 Motif Challenge and Tatting Round Robin

These are my flowers for Stephanie for the Tatting Round Robin. I really had a hard time finding flowers where I could make the stems green as she has requested.

I tried many different patterns, but I haven't learned to use 3 shuttles of thread yet so when the flowers had chains I had to do the shoelace trick to keep the green out of the flower. It just didn't look right. So I adapted a pattern from Kersti (I can not get this site to come up right now so I can't show you the exact pattern), I ended up making 2 seperate pieces and tied them together in the back. They were kind of obsessive though and I have started a few more which I will use to dress up the front of plain note cards.

Happy Tatting,
PS I waited a couple of hours before I posted this to see if I could get the pattern site to come up but I am still unable to access it. Once I get it I will update this specific post.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Your flowers look great! I haven't tried three shuttle tatting either... something else to add to my "to do" list!

Tattycat said...

Pretty flowers. You can do three shuttles. I just finished working with 4!

PeWee said...

Oh-my-golly these are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie you do beautiful work... I am not a tatter but my grandmother used to be. It is beautiful... maybe some day I will pick up this hobby and create beautiful work too :0)

Mortaine said...

Those are so beautiful! I can't wait!