Sunday, January 25, 2009

#23 of 25 Motif Challenge & Hector Tat Days

My #23 on of Jon's bookmarks. The pattern name is "Bookmark with Overlapping Chains". It was made using Pamela aka Tatskool's size 40 Rainbow Bright HDT. Another high quality HDT, it was a dream to work with. I started this ..... oh probably 2 or maybe even 3 months ago, but just now got around to finishing it up. It was a fun pattern to make and it was enhanced by working with such fun bright HDT.

Yesterday I was in contact with Gina regarding Hector Tat Days. It is about 180 miles from where I live in Western NY, so got me to thinking that I'd like to go. I knew she was there last year and for some reason I thought it was in her "backyard" so I assumed she'd be there again this year. She did inform me that sadly she won't be going.

Of course this would be a good opportunity to spend time with fellow tatters. That being said .......... I'm easily intimidated in a group of people where I don't have at least one person I know. Overall I think I do ok once other people start to talk to me, but I'm not good at being the one to start a conversation with someone that I don't know.

I would be coming by myself since, other than the person who I took lessons from, I don't know anyone else locally who tats. That makes this a very hard decision for me. I could ask my sister to come with me as a guest. Although she is a crocheter, I doubt it would be much fun for her, and would be more pressure for her to do something in her already busy life just to help me out. So again it would be just me. Hummmmm something I really have to consider, but do it quickly so as to get registered.

Kind of seems like a pipe dream for now, but a dream none the less :-)

Happy Tatting, everyone!



TattingChic said...

Isn't that a great bookmark pattern?

That is so great that you have been in touch w/ Gina about Hector. I'm envious! :)

Jane Eborall said...

Hmm, believe it or not I'm not great about mixing with people - don't get a lot of practice nowadays!! BUT I took the trip to Palmetto a few years ago in a foreign country and only knowing people via the internet. It was a BLAST. After two minutes in the group I wasn't lonely at all. Go, gal. Go, go, go. Tatters are SO friendly and Karey's a dream.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Oh, I hope you feel brave enough to go! I'd go with you, but Hector is an awfully long way away from Grant Park!

Sharon said...

It's an event with tatting people. Not knowing anyone will last for about 2 minutes, but the frienships you gain will last a lifetime. These are tatting people who are just as obsessed about thread and tatting as you are so you already have a lot of common ground.

connie said...

Here let me encourage you.
I had never met anyone who tatted and I wanted to see someone tat and I wanted to meet Georgia Seitz and Nina Libin and Jane Eborall and Gina and Mark and Reit and Karen and MiMi. I wanted to do it so much so that I just jumped on a plane and went to Palmetto tat day's. I was alone 30 seconds. Bonnie a member of the guild scooped me up and went around introducing me as Connie A. who had never been to a tat days and came all the way from NJ. I now have met almost 75 of the people whose blogs I read. Even more I learned things that just made tatting easier and more enjoyable. Up until I Tat Days I had never finished a project because I couldn't hide the ends. Now I can.
Then came Hector and Sue Hanson was going to be there and I just had to meet her and I didn't think I would know anyone other than Karen there. Wrong. There was a group of tatters from Palmetto tat days and I met more of the Hector Group. I learned great things, and the area is scenic and you SHOULD go! You will have a great time and you will get to see books and threads in person instead of looking at them on the web hoping they are what you want. You'll get to see other people's tatting and the gadgets they use and the little tips they can give you.
I am debating which tat days I want to go to, Hector or Shuttlebirds, as they are both on the same weekend.
If I end up at Hector I will look for you.
Connie Angeline

connie said...

OOPs I meant Karey.

Tia said...

Hi Bonnie!, Hector was my first ever convention, & it was lots of fun! I get nervous in places with bunches of people I dont know & I am not very good at starting conversations either! I am attending Hector again this year, Everybody wears name tags, so look me up!