Monday, October 11, 2010

Thanks to LaceLovin'-Librarian ...

........for turning me on to Kersti Aneari's Stumpy pattern. Back in September Diane, aka LaceLovin'-Librarian, posted some stumpys she made and it set me off in that direction. My tatting time is limited so I'm always on the lookout for patterns I can do up quickly.

All were made using HDT ..... from Left to Right, is Tatskool's ChocoRaspberry size 40, next is her DaffodilDell in size 20, next LadyShuttleMaker's Spring Poppies in size 20 (I ran out of thread so the tail is kind of bare), and lastly Tatskool's FlameLantana in size 20.

Kersti has other tatting patterns posted which I would encourage you to check out while you're there.

Tat On!,



God's Kid said...

Those look awesome! :)

TypsTatting said...

Lovely and the colours are awesome!

Tatskool said...

Oooh! I like all of those.

❦TattingChic said...

Hi Bonnie! Nice work on your bookmarks! Stumpy seems like a nice pattern to do. I've missed your posts. Seems like me you've been busy with other things, I guess.

Thanks for coming to visit my blog today. I appreciated your comment on my "Blue Diamond" post. Isn't that a beauty of a shuttle? I'm glad you liked it, too. I was so excited to get it! She made me a pink one too which reminds me I need to go pay for it today since yesterday was payday! YAY! I am typing this on my new laptop! The old one finally died! (sorta...)

Well, you asked me to wish you luck on your decoupaging adventures so I came over to wish you good luck! "Good Luck!!!" I hope you show us what you come up with! Yesterday I finished getting what I think I'll need to decoupage my first shuttle! I hope I can find my clovers...I never use those, LOL! I don't know how my self sticking gems will work. Wish me luck, too okay! I promise to show what I come up with, too! I got some bridal napkins. They have roses on them and they're kind of big...then I got some glitter paint for Christmas...we'll see... I think I'll decoupage some Christmas decals and stuff. Who knows...I'm thinking "out loud" right now, LOL!
This is kind of fun to create, aye?
Have fun and please show some pics of your new blingy shuttles okay?

ancolie said...

Nice bookmarks ! I love all these variegated colors too ...
Happy tatting !

Anonymous said...

Love all those colors, and your work looks nice!

Thanks for your guess to my Guess-Me post. You are right, and that is funny that we were at the same spot :-D

I think I must have done something wrong though, for the pattern puckered when I finished it. Enough so that it cupped. I decided that I liked it anyway and would add a beaded center and pin on a headband. I'm certainly up to trying the pattern again.

Can you please let me know how yours turns out?