Friday, December 17, 2010

Pattern Revisited

As Christmas grows nearer my hands get busier, not only with tatting, but that's a different story.
Recently we exchanged Christmas gifts at work. I really dislike the stealing gift games, I like to know who my gift is going to. That way I can get/make something specificily with one person in mind. (In fact in past years I've refused to be a part of the gift exchange when "stealing" is involved. I greatly dislike it!)
Regardless, the past few years I've taken control of our Holiday luncheon/gift exchange because then I know we'll exchange names and I'll be a part of the celebration.
My person really enjoys reading. In fact many lunch periods I've seen her at her desk unwinding with a book. So it wasn't to hard for me to realize that I had to tat her a bookmark. But gosh there are so many good ones out there, which one to do.....
I have to admit I went with one I've made and showed you many times before. It's Julie Patterson's Hearts and Flowers Cross Bookmark.

It's made using Tatskool's ChocoRaspberry HDT. I'm not sure, but I think it's done in size 40.

Tat On!,



Anonymous said...

It's pretty!

And it's done in my favorite food combos: Chocolate and Fruit!


Fox said...

Great gift - and very pretty. Krystle sent me a bookmark almost a year ago, when we did a swap and I now use only hers. I just love it! I had only used paper things before and now I am so attached to my tatted marker. every reader should have at least one!
Fox : )

laura_rose said...

Hi Bonnie, Love your bookmark, and nice to catch up on your blog again your work :)