Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is That Giraffes I See?

In April I started helping my friend Peggy learn to tat. Maybe I should say I helpED my friend Peggy learn to tat. She's doing a fabulous job and I'm very proud of her.

I'm pretty sure she's caught the tatting bug, let me tell you why I think so.

  • She has more shuttles then she can use at any given time and carries the new ones around ever where she goes.... still in their packages.

  • Last Friday she placed a Handy Hands order and ordered MORE shuttles .... different kinds and colors .... a book and 10+ spools of Lizabeth threads.

  • She has already visited Etsy and scored some lovely HDTs, some she gifted to me!!

  • She has spent hours searching the internet for patterns and probably just as many hours looking thru the books I loaned her.
How would I know all of this? I know because she can no longer carry her "portable" craft in a little ziplock baggie or coin purse, she's graduated to a large bag with giraffes on it.

Last Thursday I noticed the giraffe bag, next I noticed the giraffe on her necklace. Humm giraffes, is there a pattern here? Then Friday I went to her office on a work related matter and I noticed there were giraffes every where. How did I miss this ? So giraffes it is then.

Tomorrow I am leaving home for a week, but rather then spend the weekend preparing to be away from home, I spent it tatting giraffes to make Peg a fabric postcard.

They are made with Tatskool's Antique Bronze HDT, using the pattern from my autographed copy (*smile*) of Martha Ess' More Critters on the Block.

Tat On!



Fox said...

"She has more shuttles then she can use at any given time and carries the new ones around ever where she goes.... still in their packages."

Hilarious! Fox : ))

❦TattingChic said...

HEY! I really like this friend Peggy of yours! I also carry around more tatting shuttles at any given time than I can possibly use and still in their packages! In fact yesterday when I was demonstrating at this event I had to open one of them and did use it! ha ha ha! THEN I ended up giving one of them away to an interested possible newbie...there was a LOT of interested possible newbies but I had a feeling that I should give a tatting shuttle to THIS ONE! ;)
Anyway those giraffes are nice in that bronze color! Pamela sure has some lovely HDT's doesn't she? WOW! When I was packing for my big move I was stuffing all my HDT's in a big plastic bag and I realized I NEED MORE MORE! I mean I realized how many beautiful HDT's I have from all the lovely dyers out there!