Sunday, April 13, 2008

#7 of 25 Motif Challenge

To the right is the finished bookmark I showed a teaser of when I blogged on April 2nd about my new shuttle I received from Sherry. I must tell you it is a dream to work with!

The pattern is from
Kersit, and is called Floral. I used Marilee's size 30 Deep Ocean HDT. I had a hard time getting this piece to photograph well and I'm still not happy with it, but hopefully you get the idea. And I had to include the shuttle for anyone who may have missed it the first time around.

And now .............................

introducing my second
Sherry shuttle purchase. This time it is a pic shuttle.

I used it to make this bookmark. The pattern is called Heart of the Butterfly by Irene Woo. (again I must repeat what I originally wrote, "Although I made it from a picture and didn't have her pattern, so I'm sure the the stitches probably aren't the exact same as Irene's") This was made using
Marilee's size 30 Peace HDT . I have done this motif many times in the past and really enjoy it. I made one for my sister Anita for her birthday, and wanted to make one for our other sister, Nancy, for her bday as well. Actually both of these pieces will go to her. Nancy's bday is April 19th, and since I live in NY and she lives in Boise ID, I better get these in the mail on Monday.

These 2 shuttles are great works of art. I enjoy using them. I do feel that as with all great works of art they should have names, though. I hesitate to put more pressure on you right now, Sherry, but would you do the honors of naming my shuttles at some point in the future? Days, weeks, months from now I don't care when. I just feel that works of art should be named by their creator. Thank you.

I am not considering this second piece as another motif for the 25 Motif Challenge, as I have made it a number of times before.

Happy Tatting,



TattingChic said...

That heart is beautiful. You did a very nice job. I love the thread, too. I'm sure your sister will LOVE it. She's very fortunate to have a sis who will tat for her. That is sweet.

Zarina said...

I am also planning to purchase Sherry' shuttle. Did you buy the large shuttle? Would you advice purchasing with the pic or not?

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Your tatting and your shuttles are beautiful! So you're the one who purchased my #3 pick! ; ) Just kidding... my #3 was still available yesterday. I hope pay day arrives before someone else discovers it!

Aren't the shuttles fun to work with? Do yours have that little musical tinkling sound when the thread passes through the tips?

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Well, Yes, I suppose I can name them for you...let me think on it a bit. Thank you for sharing, I am thrilled that you are enjoying them. I believe that every art piece I make is destined for their future owners. I often pray for and think about what kind of person will get the next piece while I make it. Obviously, these were destined for you!

Anonymous said...

This is "the Sister" and my first visit to my Sister's blog--and I have to say I am completely impressed, as a "layperson" who has never tatted. I have no idea how that shuttle works, and how many hours it takes to make one of these, but they are absolutely stunning "in person"! What a nice birthday surprise! I had heard rumors you were doing this--Someday I'll get my head out of the books (pharmacy school) and give it a try, too :)

Thanks so much, Bonnie!