Saturday, July 26, 2008

Help Needed

Good Morning Everyone.

I'm looking for some help from all of you in tat-land. I hope I can describe my question correctly.

I am working on a pattern here is the start of it:

R 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 cl ( 7 tiny joining picots)
CH 4 - 8 - 4 + (join to nearest picot from centre ring closure)

Now my question. There is nothing about reverse work so I figured I had to join in to the most recent picot, so the tops of my ds - s will remain on the outside of my work. Here's the part that's giving me problems .......... which tread does it want me to use to join? It can't be the working thread because then it makes a little ...... I guess I'd call it divit in the flow of the work, although using the core thread doesn't seem right either. Which is it? I must be making this harder than it is, right??

The last time I had this come up during a project I used the core thread and it didn't seem right, this time I used the working thread. I guess this seems like the better way to do it, although it still seems off to me. Unless truly the tops of the ds are suppose to face towards the work already completed ...... I just see no other way around this ......

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you,



Gina said...

Hi Bonnie!

I don't know how old this pattern is but many of the newer ones will say to make a lock join which means to pull up the shuttle thread through the picot. All that means is that the chain stitches will not slip and enlarge the chain after the join is complete. For that reason alone, I generally do the lock join when I'm chaining around a ring and I think it looks better too. I'd go with the lock chain (shuttle thread).

:-) Gina

Bonnie said...

Thank you, Gina. That is exactly what I needed to know. I have the current project almost finished using the outside working thread, but it's just off because of the "divit". It's a pretty bookmark so I'm going to have to do it again, correctly this time, using the core thread.