Monday, February 15, 2010

One World One Heart Winner

The winner is ........... Why can't I figure out the paste in blogger??

I'm going to have to type out what it says.

I used

Random Interger Generator

Here are your random numbers:


timestamp: 2010-02-15 01:07:54 UTC

161 is L'Helene. Congratulations! Again I'm going to have to type out what she said "How Cute! I have a friend who's mad about geckos, and who's birthday is coming up, this would be perfect for her. Thanks for the chance to win!"

I'm so glad someone won him that will enjoy him, rather than someone who was at my blog for 10 seconds, just long enough to put in a copy and paste response and be on their way.

A special Thank You to Lisa for all of her work to make One World One Heart a success.



Regina said...

Congratulations to your winner!!! I think that we were all winners in this awesome event. We found new friends, kindred spirits and discovered that we aren't so different after matter where we live or where we are in life.


Norazihan said...

lovely tattings here. how's the sewing project going.

Tatskool said...

Sounds like a great home for a lovely gecko.