Saturday, April 10, 2010



Since I don't live close to any craft stores, when I get their coupons, and can get my husband to take me to the store, I hoard up on supplies.


Chapter 1

I had a bunch of coupons for JoAnn Fabrics, so off we went to Buffalo, about a hour and 15 minutes away. I rushed in, coupons in hand and ran straight for the Clover tatting shuttles. I went there first because my husband can only drink so much coffee at the shop next door, so I was in a rush to get in and out. And I justify more shuttles by thinking ...... when the tips of the shuttles seperate I toss them and start off fresh. ..........oh who am I kidding, I always have various stages of different patterns going, so I rarely have empty shuttles, therefor I need MORE, right? (Auh come on say I'm not the only one with a couple of dozen shuttles going at all times.)

Imagine my delight when on my way to the shuttles, I was awe struck by a section of Lizabeth thread. Not many colors, some I already had, but I HAD to use up ALL of the coupons and I don't get to the craft store very often, both reason I could used to explain to my hubby why I had to have more ............. (not that he cares, it just makes the story more "setting on the edge of your seat" interesting)

I was delight to use up all of my coupons, got an "I need color" fix, and walked out with my pockets a bit lighter but my smile alot bigger.

I'd purchased some Lizabeth thread from Handy Hands before and enjoyed working with it so I was delighted to have some more to add to my stash.

Chapter 2

My last post was made using some of the Lizabeth thread I purchased that day. I was very disappointed in the black. It was not the quality of thread I'd used before.

It will be added to my pile of not worth my time threads. (I can't possibly throw it away, but I'll never use it again .....what do I do with it?) This may have been part of my frustration with that pattern as well.

Chapter 3

I wanted to see if all of the threads I got that day were like that. So I started another project. This thread was not as bad, but still not up to the quality of the other few threads I'd gotten directly from HH. If I remember right, they had a problem with some of them when they first rolled out the line. Maybe that is what's selling in the stores.

Regardless I did finish the project. The pattern is Christina from the book Tatted Bookmarks -cross-shaped by Lene Bjorn. I did enjoy the pattern and I look forward to tatting more from this little book.

(Sorry for the quality of the picture, it was taken from my phone's camera and I didn't realize I'd taken it at such an angle.)

I'm still not good with judging the size of things, so I didn't realize how big this would be in a size 20 thread. I wish I'd have thought to measure the size, which obviously I didn't. If I had to guess I'd say it was about 5 1/2" long by 4 1/2" across. I'd like to try it in a smaller thread, dare I say a size 80?

Chapter 4

Christina Cross Bookmark is currently winging it's way via US Postal Service to my Great Aunt Myrtle.

The End


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

My JoAnn Fabrics had no Lizbeth thread. My Hobby Lobby has a very limited supply. I find it easier to just order from Handy Hands, and I usually receive my shipment within two days.

I'm sorry to read that so many people have had trouble with the Lizbeth. My first batch was very twisty, but since Barbara replaced it with the new batch, I've had no problems. I guess I've just been lucky!

Krystle said...

I had the same problem with the's not got the sheen I expected it to have. I got mine from HH too. I do notice from having dyed some thread, different dye colors can effect the thread differently....the darker colors seem to leave more dye in the fiber and can in some cases make a varigated feel uneven through the different colors. Not that knowing that does us any good, but it's just my train of thought :-)

❦TattingChic said...

Your cross bookmark is very pretty. Lucky Aunt Myrtle.
~TattingChic ♥

Fox said...

The blue cross is lovely!

Yes, the Lizbeth seems to be a problem we are all experiencing. But, for the colour range what is a girl to do!

By the way, my "zen" tatting has currently been replaced by temper tantrum tatting!!! It does happen to all of us as Jane has so aptly pointed out!

I might have to blog about this aspect that you brought up, as this is such an important aspect of this all consuming art. Thanks for that good read on that post and the thought-provoking topic.
♥Fox : )

Linda said...

I think your cross bookmark is very pretty. I love the three colors--it would be so dainty in a smaller thread. But i like what you did here.