Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is it True.......

....what "they" say about better late then never?

I wasn't able to post on International Tatting Day, so I'll catch up with it now.

A few weeks ago, Paula asked what we were going to tat for International Tatting Day, which was April 1st. I told her I hoped to tat Kersti's Sweet Heart Tatted Bookmark.

I didn't get much tatting in that day, however, I did eat some dark chocolate. I think you can see that I didn't even have 3 complete rings here, and already I had the candy open.

I didn't get very far that day, however since then I have made many of these bookmarks, probably a dozen or so. Here are just a few of them.

They are made using size 20 Lizabeth threads, in solid colors.

I hope Kersti doesn't mind, but I revamped the pattern a bit. I made it so that the tail is a seperate piece of work. For the final chain of the heart, I joined to the very first picot of the first chain, then chained 5 more ds-s, tied and hid the thread tails. I sewed the tail thread into that final picot join before I wound the shuttle, then tatted 2 ds and proceeded to finish of the tail.

Great pattern. Thank you, Kersti! I feel very comfortable with this pattern. I think I could do it in my sleep now. I have heard that some tatters make pieces to gift away to people who comment when they are tatting in public. This could be that piece for me. I like all of the picots on the chains and rings and I think it shows off the art of tatting very nicely. It would be a great way to share tatting with the world.

I do have a question about gifting bookmarks though. I am looking for plastic sleeves to put the bookmark in, something like this. Is there a better supplier out there. I have only been able to find that one size of sleeve. Also once I get them, how would I get it to lay nicely inside the sleeve? The only thing I can think of is to tack it to a piece of cardstock, which would give me a place to write a note, so that's not a bad idea.


❦TattingChic said...

Nice bookmarks. I can't answer your question since I like the look and feel of actual tatting in my hands.

Fox said...

Me too! I like the feel of the tatting and these look so pretty I would just have to touch them!
Fox : )

Tatskool said...

i would only use a bookmark sleeve if it was something that had to be attached to card, will be blogging about just that soon. (I think maybe I showed you already?)I get my sleeves from Roseground in the UK..but they are heavy to post.

Kersti said...

Ooh... they look lovely! I tend to give them out just in a small zip-lock bag. I feel that the bookmark should be handled, the plastic bag keeps it clean until it's used.