Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tatted Hairpin Lace

A couple of weeks ago, Georgia asked for volunteers to tat something using Ruth Perry's Tatted Mock Hair Pin Lace. I was unable to find it online to show you, but it is where the Hairpin Lace is made by tatting large picots.

Georgia provided 4 or 5 patterns for us to pick from. Because my time was limited and she asked for it to be done in 2 weeks, I choose a - what I thought at the time would be- fairly simple pattern and made Saundra Hameed's Round Center Motif.

I'd never done Hairpin Lace, so I didn't really understand it, and in hindsight I did it wrong. I made it so both sets of picots were the same size. Stupidly after I made it was when I decided I should have researched HPLace. In doing so I learned that the middle set of picots should have been smaller than the outer ones. I think that's why the upper to middle right section is a bit ....... well, off I guess.

( I prepared this post a few days ago and since then LadyShuttleMaker did an excellent PDF of how to correctly make this pattern using Ruth Perry's Mock Hairpin Lace technique, it can be found here. )

Oh well, as Georgia said "every test brings us more knowledge", and with LadyShuttleMaker's great tutorial I may just give this one a try again.

Tat On!,

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God's Kid said...

That looks very pretty to me! :)