Thursday, February 16, 2012

Missing A Friend

On Monday 2/13/12 we lost our dear friend, Gina of Threads of a Tatting Goddess.

There is so much I would like to say, but to be quite honest since I found out of her passing I've had a hard time controling my emotions. However I would like to share this with you:

When I was new to the tatting world, about 4 years ago, I couldn't understand the art of hiding ends, I just didn't get it. So Gina made me videos and posted them on youtube. They can be found here. Because of her kindness to me, her voice and her guideance will forever be there to help new tatters.

Because she was a big part of my tatting life, dare I say most if not all of our community's tatting life, I would also like to share with you part of an email she sent me on 3/28/11.

" Sometimes I think the tatting community is a great escape for one's troubles. You can immerse yourself in creativity and basically forget everything else. We all need that now and then and it's certainly better than numbing oneself with drink or drug. " .......... " :-) Gina "

We, her online tatting community, were her friends and it is obvious that we are all grieving also. This sympathy card doesn't show up well, but when I was looking for one to send to her family I realized we are all grieving the loss of our friend, so I got a card for all of you too. It says

Where memories lead our hearts will follow

Hoping that your memories will bring you to a place of peace in your heart.

Gina, Thank you for being one of my tatting mentors, but mostly thank you for being a friend. I miss you.



Fox said...

Thank you for this touching post. It does help, for you said it all so well.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Thank you for this thoughtful tribute.

You have expressed very well what we are all feeling, here in the worldwide tatting community. A great benefit of the internet is that we can share our thoughts and feelings almost instantaneously, and that is a comfort in a time such as this, as it was the internet that brought us all together. Gina was an early blogging pioneer and created a blog that was so warm and welcoming, and her amazing Blog Roll is still helping us to stay informed and to be supportive of each other. said...

That was a lovely post.

Karen said...

Great post. Karen in Or

Anonymous said...

I was very touched to read your post about my mother n-law Regina.
It is so amazing and wonderful to see all the kind words posted through the tatting community. It has given us some peace to know that she was so loved and adored by so many around the world. We love and miss her dearly she was a wonderful sister, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and friend. We know she is tatting with the Angels now!!! Thank you for all your support and love!

Amiee, Andy and Bailey Lester
email @