Monday, February 20, 2012

Not a UIU Project

I had this post ready to go live for Valentine's Day, but out of respect for Gina, I felt it needed to wait. It's been a week, and still it doesn't seem real that she's gone. Alot of us are still blogging about how much we miss her, I do too.

Original Valentine's post:

Okay so I broke down I bought a new HDT, even though I am trying hard to do The 2012 Use It Up Project. Really I'd be ashamed for anyone to see the stash I already have, but regardless I ordered more.

In order to entice my friend Peg to pick tatting back up, after her marathon of stained glass Christmas projects, I got us each a size 30 HDT from Yarnplayer called Peaches 'n Onions. I figured since it was close to Valentine's Day I needed something new to tat a heart with.

Here is Jon's Heart 'o Daisies. I sewed it onto a blank notepad someone made for me. I will be sending it to a friend. Sometimes I lack inspiration of things to do with my finished pieces. But this turned out pretty cute.

Tat On,


By the way, it worked and Peg is making the Butterfly Heart I blogged about here using her new HDT.


Fox said...

That is such a beautiful piece! And the thread is just perfect. New thread is always good for whatever ails! ; ))

God's Kid said...

Your heart looks wonderful!! And I really like the colors! :)

Fox said...

Your comments worked on tat-ology! Thanks for them AND the inspiration to tat with the pinks and browns.

I am going over to see your Zentangle blog right now! I didn't realize you were into this crazy stuff as well. There are a few of us tatters I see in Tangle-World!
Fox : ))