Tuesday, January 8, 2008

First Blog Ever

I went and did it, I created a tatting blog. Actually the first blog I've been a part of, so please bear with me as I try to learn my way around here.

My name is Bonnie. I am originally from Minot, ND but moved to Cassadaga, NY in 1988. I married my husband, Mark, 24 years ago, actually next week we will celebrate our 24th Anni. We have a daughter, Holly, who lives about a hour away. One of my greatest passions is to become a grandmother some day :-) (No pressure, Holly.)

That's a bit about me now on to tatting..........

I started taking tatting lessons in late September 2007. My teacher's name was Betty. When I went to her for my second lesson she said I was as advanced as people usually are in their 4th lesson. I think I had 5 lessons with her, and on the final lesson I really felt that I had learned everything she could teach me, her true passions are spinning and weaving. That's it I am HOOKED! I have really taken to tatting and because of the internet and alot of bloggers, I have learned alot more than just the basics. Currently I only shuttle tat, but will take have a class with Betty tomorrow where she will show me the basics of needle tatting. I am not sure I care to learn needle tatting but I would like to see what it's about.

I am hoping that in addition to sharing my tatting experience with others, I can become a part of a tatting community.

I am actively searching for patterns that are more "exciting" then doilies and snowflakes. Now, please don't get me wrong here, my first completed project was a doily and I purchased a book with snowflake patterns, but I'd really like to make jewelry or flowers or things like that. I would gladly welcome any book names/patterns that you can suggest that feature these fun items.

I have made a few small pieces which I hope to share here, but as of yet I haven't taken any pictures. It looks pretty self explanatory on how to post a picture here so I hope to have at least one up in the next few days. Please stay tuned for that.

I would really like to form relationships with many of you experienced tatters who's blogs I have been visiting for months now.




Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Yea! Congratulations on learning to tat and setting up your blog! Bloggers are great! I have instructions for needle tatting, but I love using a shuttle so much that I really don't have a desire to needle tat. I look forward to seeing all of your pieces!

yarnplayer said...

Welcome to tatting and blogging, Bonnie! Glad to have you join us. I like jewelry tatting too.

Tattycat said...

Welcome to tatting and to the ring, Bonnie. We are glad to have you and will do all we can to help you learn, but it sounds like you have a great head start! There are lots of great jewelry artists in tatting. I have been going crazy tatting snowflakes. They don't have to be boring. Check them out.

Sharon said...

One of the best ways to get connected with other tatters is to join one of the tatting email lists. Most of them are Yahoo groups. One of the largest is Tatting and one of the most active is Here-Be-Tatters. These email groups give you instant access to the knowledge of hundreds of tatters many of whom have their own web pages or blogs. If you are looking for "different" patterns check out Jane Eborall's page at

Michelle said...

Bonnie - I too am not interested in doilies, just not a lot of use in my daily life (although I have some of my grandfather's framed & hanging on my wall). There are great tatting sites with lots of jewellery, flower gardens, decorations for Christmas baubles, etc. Here in the UK, the Ring of Tatters has a 3D display of a hat shop, with all the miniature hats tatted to various patterns (you can see it at http://www.ringoftatters.org.uk/shows/cardiff06/cardiff06.html - scroll down near the bottom of the page). So there's lots you can do.