Sunday, January 13, 2008

GUFrancis' Tatted Cross Bookmark

My first experience with tatting was when I went to visit my parents many years ago........... oh at least 15 years ago, and saw one of my Great Uncle Francis' (GUF) tatted cross bookmarks. GUF is 94 as of June 2007, and he still actively tats.

If GUF and I wouldn't have lived so many states apart I would have greatly enjoyed learning to tat from a relative. But it couldn't happen so when I got home, I knew I had to try to teach myself this lovely art form. Sadly I was was unsuccessful at the time. (This was way before I became involved in the Internet, probably 15 years ago, as I wrote that it made me I wonder what I did with the shuttle and other information I had at that time........... hummmm)

In our 2007 Christmas card my mother included this cross bookmark, one of GUF's works of art. My understanding is that it is his favorite pattern. What lovely work he does. I hope that when I am 94 I am still tatting.

Although I am sure GUF will never see my blog, I wanted to show his work and acknowledging him as the primary person responsible for my original interest in tatting.

Thank you GU Francis!

In my next post I will post a picture of my second completed work. (I gave the first as a Christmas present to a friend and didn't think to take a picture of it.)

Happy Tatting,



Sharon said...

If you are looking for people to support your tatting addiction you could join the 25 Motif Challenge

Sharon said...

I've just updated the 25 Motif Challenge Blog and added your blog to the links list. I'll catch your tatting entries on the next update. I check the blogs every few days, depending on how busy I am, so if you don't see anything right away it doesn't mean I've missed you. Glad to have you join.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

What a beautiful cross! You are very lucky to have such a beautiful piece for inspiration. My desire to learn about tatting came from the gift of a cross bookmark.

Tattycat said...

Welcome to blogging, The Ring of Bloggers and to the Addicted to Tatting Club! There are more of us than you know! The cross is lovely. What a treasure.