Sunday, May 9, 2010

No need to read, written as a form of self relief.

DH = Husband, DD = Daughter, and The Girls = our 2 dogs

Our daughter lives in a town just over a hour away. Sometimes she comes to stay with us for a few days at a time. This weekend is one of those times. Just having her around is a great Mother's Day present. But that isn't the reason why I am telling you this......... the reason is I have to get it off my chest it is weighing to heavy on me and just being able to say it will help me.
Last night DH was at work and DD was out with friends. I sent her a text asking when she'd be home, she indicated it was shortly, so I decided to wait up for her.

She was home shortly before midnight. I heard her come in, the girls barked for a second recognized her so they stopped. I called to her from the tv room, and she greeted me back. I heard her dig thru her laundry basket then go down stairs to change. Moments later, no less than 3 minutes from the time she first got home, I heard the door open and the girls started to freak again, I assumed DD had forgotten something in her car, but the girls wouldn't stop barking. I called to DD, but I didn't expect a response because I'd heard the door open but I also thought I heard her go downstairs. She replied that she was downstairs changing, then I heard the door close. We both rushed to the kitchen but no one was there. (we live in the countryish, meaning we do not live in a town setting, we are rural but our neighbors are still close) There were no cars in our driveway and we didn't see anyone leaving. We turned on all of the light and locked all of the doors and windows. I called DH at work and on his way home to check on us, he was stopped by the police for speeding, so he explained and the officer called it in. DD and I went to watch tv together to get over the jitters, and heard a knock at the door, both of us basically freaked out more. But it was the police, at least 4 or 5 police cars, followed by DH.

The area was checked, but nothing was found. All 3 of us had to provide our full names, DOB, phone #s, etc, there will be a report. :-(

Both DD and I know someone at least opened the door to our home. Even though our girls were not happy the person remained for awhile, a minute or so, seemed like forever but maybe was less. DH's cellphone (he can't have it at work), his ipod, and our checkbook were right there on the counter, they were not taken.

I am so shaken up. In nearly 20 years of living here I've never felt violated, ever. I'm so thankful that DD was with me this weekend, not to mention was already home safe, and that between the girls putting up such a ruckus, as well as DD and I calling to each other, the intruder left.

Even though the girls were snuggled in tight with me and DD was sleeping dowstairs with the tv on, I hardly slept. I didn't know our house had so many night time noises.

When I was a young preteen I had issues, but it has not affected my life, I am not scared. I have a loving family and am very active in the community, I love life and am not afraid. I leave for work in the dark and DH works odd shifts, never have I felt afraid in my own home. I'm praying that GOD will help me to not let this change me.

Pharmd2009, please do not tell M&D about this. This post is for no one other than me, just to try to give myself a release, I do not want them to know.

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Tatskool said...

Thinking of you, you are strong and will be able to put it behind you. We are with you there in spirit.