Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2010

I ran behind on getting my Mother's Day card mailed to my Mother,
so can I use that as my excuse for not having tatting to show you today.
(I gift away my work so quickly that most of the time it is given away,
and I don't think to scan it or take pictures before hand.
Although sometimes it's the same motif over and over for weeks or even months
and what good is that to share multiple times, that's a topic for another post)

Anyway............. Instead I will show you the beautiful flowers I received for Mother's day.

They arrived at work on Thursday, so I was able to enjoy them there for a few days before I brought them home for the weekend. They smell so lovely.

Note the single pink rose in the middle. When it first arrived it was a rose bud, and now it has opened up and is just beautiful. I believe it represents my only child, our Daughter.

I also say I recieved a lovely orchid, and some other gifts.
Auh it's good to be me. :-)

To All Mothers:
Happy Mother's Day!
I hope today you are surrounded by the love of your family.

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