Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blinged Shuttle Exchange with Wendy

In mid-December I blogged about the shuttles I blinged out to exchange with Wendy at Umintsura. Even though the pink one's tip wasn't very useful I sent it anyway.

Earlier this week, Wendy blogged about the shuttles she received from me and showed what was on the back of the blue one......If you want to see you'll have to go to her site to check it out :-)

Well yesterday I received mine in the mail from her. Look at this lovely red envelope it was wrapped in. Some how I'm sure I can recycle that into something.

Thank you, Wendy.

As usual the pictures are taken with my cellphone camera.

I could get into this blinging and exchanging of shuttles. Anyone game?

Tat On!

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❦TattingChic said...

Very cool! Well, I have all the stuff for it BUT I just found out I got a job 1000+ miles away so I will be packing up and moving so I won't be blinging or tatting for awhile now will I? LOL! That is way cool though! :D