Saturday, January 15, 2011


I enjoy creating. I love tatting, but greatly enjoy working with paper, stamps & inks, fabric, yarn, you name it I enjoy it.

I participate in a swapping society called Swap-Bot and occasionally I find fun groups to be a part of, the latest one is call "Instant Books". Here is what I made
Notice the flower here. I used green paper to made a stem, then tatted a series of rings gradually adding more ds-s to make bigger petals, and form a flower.

I have learned that some people there don't understand or appreciate tatting. I was in a swap called "Surprise your partner with 1 of your crafts" Here was my rating "it met requirements I guess and is cute... however I don't think I'd enter a swap like this again... to broad of a spectrum and I am left feeling slightly deflated."

I myself was deflated with that rating. It's hard to put so much into a tatted piece and not have the receiver realize how much work it is.

Tat On!



Jessica said...

That piece is LOVELY! Whoever got it should have been grateful and in awe. :(

Carla said...

That piece is wonderful!

Linda said...

Ooh, wow! Someone just like me! I love to work with paper, too. Your little book is wonderful! Isn't it fun to combine our tatting with our other creations?

Laney said...

Wow that rating sucks. I'm the one that won your 2 tatted geckos last year on OWOH. My friend has hers proudly displayed at her desk at work. How's that for a rating!

Happy weekend!

Bonnie said...

Laney, Thank you for that comment, you made my day ... my week!

It was hard decision for me to not participate in the final OWOH event this year. I had loads of fun visiting blogs last year, but life got in the way and I didn't have time for the final event.

Thank you again, Laney.

Gwen said...

You were obviously paired with the wrong person. Your book is lovely, keep up the good work.

zarina said...

usually my tatting goes only for those who do crafts (even though its not tatting). And I make it into a good sizeable doily where the person can make use of it.