Monday, January 2, 2012

The 2012 UIU Project

Recently I was visiting Jenny over at Crash Test Dummies. Specifically her Crafty New Year's Resolution for 2012... etc post. When I started to comment on it, it turned into a paragraph and I felt I needed to copy it here and expound on it alittle.

This is what I wrote in her comment section. Start:

Those are great crafting goals.

I'm alot like you in the way that I save my precious stuff for just the right project. My thought is what if I use it now and the "just the right project" comes along later? But recently I've started to think what if I'm not around for that "just the right project" (or what if this is just the right time and project and I let it slip away) and my family has to deal with all of my precious stuff. I doubt they would think in it's current state it is precious, but if they had things I'd made with it, they may think "my wife made this" or "my mother made this" or they'd give my creations away to people who thought "my friend made this".

For me the year 2012 is going to be known as the year of use it up.


Lately I've been thinking of the burden my "precious stuff" would put on my family if something happened to me.

I think ....... what if I'm not around some day and my family has to deal with all of my precious stuff, it will be a burden on them for sure. I can hear my daughter say "Mom, thought all of this stuff was so great, but it's nothing if she's not here to create with it." In fact it wouldn't surprise me at all if my husband's thought was "now I have to make a couple of trips to the dump" (gasp!). But if I've created something with it that they can hold in their hands or pass on to others who cared about me, or maybe even pass onto my future grandchildren, then maybe just maybe all of my precious stuff will still be precious when I'm gone.

So my goal is to break out the special shuttles (those who once they enter my display case never get touched again) and all of my wonderful HDTs (most still setting in their original sad skein form) and start using them up.

My 2012 tatting goal is to show you something I've tatted at least every 2 weeks, using up the HDT threads I have while using the special shuttles I have accumlated. In 2011 I blogged 19 times, some of which didn't show any tatting at all, so every 2 weeks is 26 posts for 2012. That seems like a reasonable goal, right? Yeah that's what I thought too. I was going to add pressure to myself of a different HDT and different pattern each time, but that seems like setting myself up to fail, so if I do yeah, if not it's still okay.

2012 - the year of use it up - The 2012 UIU Project

Wish me luck, and to you and your family I wish a Happy, Healthy, Safe 2012.

Happy Tatting and God Bless!,


See you in no more than 2 weeks - by 1/16/2012 (in fact to stay on track I think I need to post today... I better get started)


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I like your goal for 2012! I have plenty of stash to use up, but I'm not setting any goals for myself... it seems to stifle my ambition!

Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

What a brilliant idea.
My great -aunt( the one who taught me to tat) used her best silver and china every night. She said after all who is more important than my husband whom I chose and my family?

Mrs John said...

I'll check back... anxious to see what you will be tatting! :)

Fox said...

What a great post!

Love this line: wouldn't surprise me at all if my husband's thought was "now I have to make a couple of trips to the dump" (gasp!)...

I am curious to see what you will be up to!
Fox : )

** jess! ** said...

Good luck! I'm bad too about getting craft material in general to do for that project that I'll plan later, and then it just sits there unused.

Michelle said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. I need to take it a step further and cull a lot of my "stuff' by either selling it or giving it away as well as making lovely crafty stuff. I reckon I can go a couple of years without buying anything... in fact I think I may add that to my NY reslutions: Don't buy anything unless it helps me finish a CURRENT project such as thread, glue etc.