Saturday, January 2, 2010

Answers to Comment Questions

Krystle asked if my friend Mark used resin to make the Rosette paperweight, I believe he did, but I'm not sure.  He told me he poured it in layers; when the first layer hardened he put the rosette in then put the next layer on so that the motif would be suspended in the paperweight.  To anyone who is thinking of doing this I should tell you that the thread is more vibrant then when I gave it to him.  I believe that is because it gets "wet and doesn't dry out".  Of course not that it matters, in this case it complimented the motif, but just an fyi.  (I wish I knew how to do this paperweight thing myself because I think it's a great way to display tatting.)  Anyway I think Mark did a fabulous job, **note that he make sure the "right side" was facing up and that each little picot was flat.  I think my friend Rose really liked it because she said "it's not staying at work, it's going home to be displayed".  Thanks for asking, Krystle. 

Also Tatskool asked what the name of the book I found the Daisy Heart pattern in.  Sorry, why didn't I think to include that information in the original post?!  It is called Aunt Ellen's Treasury - Tatting Patterns - By The Staff of The Workbasket Magazine.  I didn't connect the pattern to the missing February '88 Workbasket but when I checked the name it maked sense, "the staff of the workbasket magazine", no wonder! 

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Tatskool said...

The paperweight idea is brill i just found my daughters cast off Resin Casting Kit...mmmm! no moulds as big as a paperweight but interesting.

Thanks for the info on the heart, not a book that I have tho'.