Friday, January 8, 2010

TIAS Day 2

Tat It And See - Day 2

Because I leave today, Jane shared the link for day 3 & 4 with me, then a friend from work printed them and put them in sealed envelopes for me to do while I am gone, I won't have any way to post them until I return from the cruise though.  

Today is the day we leave for my Texas to start the first phase of our trip with my Sister In Law and her husband, Susie & Mitchell.  I didn't sleep well last night, to excited.  Today I entered a 12 day worry free zone.  My father in law is coming to live with "the girls", our dogs, while we are gone, so no worries on the home front.  And tomorrow I start phase 2 of the no worry zone, for 10 days I will be not have to deal with snow!   Life is Good  :-)

I'll have a Rum Punch for you my friend, and you, and you, and you and.......... Boy will I be busy.   

Happy TIAS!  See you in a few weeks. 



Jane Eborall said...

Bovver. Wish I was coming with you!!!! Could do with some warmth!!!

Tatteristic's 25 Motif Tatting Challenge said...

Wow, sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Enjoy the sun while you're gone!!