Saturday, October 18, 2008

Miss Me? And Blogger Land

There really is so many cool things out there in blogger land. Sadly my time is so limited right now that the time I should be tatting has been spent online. I'm still all about the HDT though. I continue to be consumed with it and must say that I doubt I'll ever be able to use up what I have, but I MUST have it. And I print out all of the patterns I can find. The majority of online time is spent reading blogs. I used to read just tatting blogs but there is so many good blogs that I have found my tastes spilling into many other areas. It's a great deal of fun. Time consuming but fun. With that I encourage you to check out Decore to Adore, she is celebrating her 100th post with a great blog give away.

Lastly Lace-lovin'Librarian, Diane inspired me to make a candle mat called Spinning Wheel. I started one and was very unhappy w/ the thread so started another in HDT. I started it weeks ago, really weeks. The only excuse I have for it not being completed is that I've just been that busy. I worked on it last night while we watched the Buffalo Sabres (Hockey YEAH!) kick butt last night, but I'm still am only about 2/3 done. It's a fun easy pattern though and that I really like it. However I'm itching to get it done so I can move onward!

I currently hold a full time Mon-Fri job. I've picked up 2 different Sat jobs and am currently on my 2nd Sat of a 4 Sat run. The 5th Sat I will be out of town and when I return it will start all over again. It is hard to only have 1 day off a week, but the extra $ is for our Anni cruise so it's worth it. I also hold a volunteer Secretary position for a very busy union office. So I kid you not when I say I am so busy that I don't have time for my crafts. Sad really........

.......... But don't forget me, I'll be back. I promise!!!

Off to get ready for work. I'm with the youth bureau kids today, and we'll be working outside all day, community service time. I really enjoy this job. I always pray that some of the things we talk about and the way we treat them will encourage them to be better kids. For the most part they are pretty good kids they just have some problems.

One simple post took me forever now I MUST run!

Happy Life and Happy Tatting,