Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another Spinning Wheel Glass Mat

When I posted my original Spinning Wheel Glass Mat here, Marge asked about the error. Now that I have made another error free one to show you, I feel comfortable showing the error. Note how in 1 of the set of squares there is only 2 picots, there should be 3 like in the rest of the motif.

So Sad. However here is a corrected one.

See all picots present and accounted for :-) It is done in Marilee's HDT - Vibrato, size 30. I started work on this right after the first Spinning Wheel Glass Mat fiasco and completed it a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed the pattern alot more the second time around, but can't say that I'm eager to make as many as my Friend - Diane, Lace Lovin' Librarian.

Happy Tatting, World,


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter Greetings, Everyone,

I would like to share the Easter "card" I made for our Daughter.

The pattern is Mark Myers, aka Tatman's Bunny. The pattern is located in the online class projects hosted by Georgia Seitz. My Bunny is tatted using Sherry, aka LadyShuttleMaker's, size 20 Coffee & Cream HDT. The rose is done using Marilee, aka Yarnplayer's, size 30 Roses HDT. (Note: click on their proper names to visit their blogs, and their akas for their Etsy shops.) Sherry's shop is closed while she attends Shuttlebirds and her family completes their exciting move.

I am *happy* for everyone who gets to attend Shuttlebirds. I hope that there is alot of blogging done about it. If I remember correctly it starts this week. Maybe I can go someday .......... LOL! Who am I kidding, I could have driven to Hector this year but was to nervous to go without someone I know going along, I'd never be able to attend Shuttlebirds alone.

On a side note I would like to thank everyone who comes back to visit my blog and doesn't give up on me because I don't blog very often. I actually tat (and sew) many things I give away, but I forget to take pictures of them first. I'd like to say I will blog more often, and I'm sure I've said that in the past, but now I realize that is just setting myself up to fail. So Thank You, yes YOU, for continuing to visit when I do post. I enjoy all of the comments that you give me, so please don't leave now without commenting.

Happy Tatting,