Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Creative Life

ginger at bearbits recently did a post entitled to live a creative life  It is about her daughter's creativity. 

It starts with this ....


That saying is me right now! 

I'm sure I interpreted it differently than what some others will, but this is how it relates to me. 

For more than a year I have been an active part of a campaign to save our county ran nursing facility (you can see me here towards the bottom of the page at one of our many rallys - as of today the photo is still there. )  That being said when I am home I am exhausted .... and for the most part worried and unhappy.

I haven't tatted more than a few minutes here or there in months. And now I find myself intimidated by it. I look at my patterns and HDTs and wonder if it is worth even starting something?

I got some new HDT  from Jess at Tatilicious hoping it would jump start my creativity again.  (I know I said I wouldn't get more until I'd used up some of what I had, but I was desperate - so I won't beat myself up over it *smile*)  But even that didn't help.

Somehow I must lose the fear of  "what if I spend my limited time tatting and it ends up being a waste".

You know .... what if it ends up being the wrong pattern and I don't enjoy it so it doesn't get completed, or I use the wrong color for the pattern, or the thread size is wrong for the pattern, or ... well you get it.

I must lose the fear of being wrong in order to become creative again.

I greatly enjoy being creative, it is part of what makes me ME  :-)

Happy Creating - or whatever it is that you do that makes you YOU.