Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tatting Forum

Have you heard about the newest Tatting Forum, brought to us by Chris and Erin from the Shuttle Shop? On Sept 1st there were 167 users, that's great. I recommend you check it out if you haven't already.

They are teasing me with a new shuttle called "the winder shuttle", can't wait until it's on the market for me to get my hands on! (Chris & Erin, let me know when your ready for my order.) Now Chris is talking about "suspending a tatted motif in epoxy" and making a shuttle from it.
Oh my, I'll start saving my pennies now. :-)

All teasing aside, I enjoy new tools and I hope the tatting community continues to come up with new products.

Tat On!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Part Three of Three

Here it is Blooming Trellis by Eliz Davis.



It was made using Tatskool's HDT Apple Blossom and coordinating pink in size 50, it was the only colorway I had that I felt went together, since it was made to go together LOL.

Now that I wear glasses all of the time, I'm really not a size 50 or smaller tatter. I know that sounds backwards but it's just to small for me to work out any errors.

Regardless it was made over many weeks because sadly I just don't have a lot of tatting time. (To be fair, I should say I don't MAKE alot of time to tat. Sad!)

It was a gift for my mother for her birthday. I took it to her when Holly and I went to visit our family in ND a few weeks ago. Not sure why I didn't think to take a picture of her with it.

Thank you, Eliz aka Tatknot for sharing such a great pattern with us. (click on her name for her blog where she lists some of her other patterns.)

Tat On!


Monday, September 6, 2010

And Part Two of Three

I'm sure you've got it now, if not here's a big hint.......
Tat On!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Really I Do Tat

............ I just don't have enough time to tat often.

So I'm sending this project out in blog stages. This is the first of three.

Anyone want to take a guess as to what pattern name is? Some of you may recognize it right off.

None of these pictures will be very good they are all form my phone's camera.

(Shoot, I messed up post 3 and posted it instead of set it to post in the future. I deleted it, but some of you maybe able to see it anyway, sorry.)

Tat On !