Sunday, July 8, 2012

'Knot Tonight Josephine' Exchange

Awhile ago I told you about Fringe Tatters and their "Knot Tonight Josephine" exchange?
Here is what I sent to my partner, Heather ... wait I can't find a picture.  I know I took some, with Matilda, I know I did.  Shoot.  Oh well. 

So I'll just go right to showing you what I received from my partner, Ruth.

Her sun catcher is so very pretty. I did put it up in the window,
but not sure if I will let it remain there because I don't
want the sun to bleach it out, but for now that's where it is.

Ruth said the lilacs on the window card are made
with two different size threads. 
They are very pretty, but look way to complicated for me to tat. 

Ruth also told me that she's been tatting about 40 years and that she doesn't have a favorite size thread to work with that she likes them all.  I'm still not sure how people tat with size 80 or 100, my eyes will not allow it.

It still upsets me that I can't find the umbrella (from Martha Ess' Holiday's on the Block) that I tatted for my partner.  Shoot.  Checked cellphone, checked digital camera, checked all thru the computer.  Oh well. 

WAIT, one more pass threw the computer and I found the pictures.

I made the blue handle and the yellow rim of the umbrella to be the Josephine Knots that I needed for the challenge.
I greatly enjoy working with HDT so we sent a skein to Heather too.

Since both the yellow and the blue are threads I had (and we gifted a skein of HTD, which although I didn't use it - it is no longer in my possession) this definitely counts towards The 2012 UIU Project.  


Monica said...

Both are super cute, what you sent and what you got!

The tiny flowers in the card are amazing! And the umbrella is super cute!

Margarets designer cards said...

I love your card and the umbrella, That sun catcher is gorgeous and I can understand why you don't want to put it in a window, pity you could not find one where the sun does not shine in.


Stephanie Grace said...

What you received was lovely and the umbrella is wonderful (and very intimidating-looking!)! I'm sure you know all that already, though, but I had to comment because Matilda told me that she wants a crown or tiara!

Stephanie Grace

esoraleak; Kaela said...

The umbrella you made is really creative. You should put some more pictures of it on your blog; I am really impressed with it. I'm just getting started with my own tatting blog: